About Pacific Coast Services

Carpet Cleaning expert

Florin Toderean
Owner / Master Cleaner

Hello! My name is Florin Toderean. I am the owner of Pacific Coast Services - a certified, professional carpet & upholstery cleaning business serving homeowners and businesses.

I take great pride in my business. I want to help you keep your carpet and upholstery looking and performing like new. I guarantee that your cleaning needs will be met both professionally and correctly by Pacific Coast Services.

We have been in business since 1997. We are formally trained and certified for all the services we provide. We have structured the business so that we can take all the time that is necessary to carefully work in your home. We stay involved in the industry and up-to-date on all the latest cleaning advances and techniques. We use the best and safest cleaning solutions available and follow internationally recommended standards and procedures for cleaning.

What our great customers have to say…

“We have used other services in the past, all with the same results. We just can't get the pet stains out. Then we called pacific coast services. OMG what a difference ! The carpets looked like new. We will never use any other carpet cleaners. My only regret is that it took so long to finally find a quality company. ”
-H.M. - Fair Oaks, CA

“Florin did a great job cleaning my carpet. Very kind & professional. Thanks, Florin!”
-Mona C. - Folsom, CA

“Absolutely the best carpet cleaning money can buy! We had stains no one else has ever been able to remove. They always look great for a week, then return. Not this time! Costs a little more but usually companies clean my carpets in about 1 1/2 hours, Odie spent over 3 1/2 hours cleaning my carpets and they are the cleanest they have ever been. I will never use another company again!”
-Lori N. - Rocklin, CA

“I can't praise Florin enough. I've been a loyal customer over 4 years now with no plans of ever looking elsewhere for another carpet cleaning or repair company. I'm excited to know I can trust Florin with upholstery cleaning as well! ”
-Jeffrey W. - Roseville, CA

“I have used Florin's services twice now and will continue to in the future. They are very dependable, super friendly, and my carpets always look great afterwards. The first time Florin did the carpets and this year, Odie was here. Both such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”
-Anna M. - Sacramento, CA

The Personal Floor-Care Approach

One of the great advantages of using Pacific Coast Services is that it is an owner-operated business. Florin Toderean is the one who will be cleaning your carpets and upholstery - personally - each and every time you call. Don't settle for a different, unknown, untrained person every time you need your carpets and upholstery cleaned.

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